The plan is here! The time is now!

There’s a saying that many high schoolers learn, “The Past is Prologue”… meaning that what we experience today and the decisions we make are shaped by our past.

The Pelham community has recognized for the better part of a decade that the high school needs renovation and expansion. It was reaffirmed by the NEASC Accreditation report in 2008. This need has not gone away and it hasn’t been resolved.

The renovation/addition plan is not a new concept. It’s been considered in various forms over the years, but other options were always pursued in favor of this plan.

Today’s renovation/addition plan is thoroughly developed and the most thought out reno/add plan ever proposed by the school board. It has been subjected to official review by fire and building code inspectors. The septic system has been approved by state officials. And the school design meets current educational standards and will take PHS out of accreditation warning status.